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dim. 02 avr.



Sound Bath: 02/04/23

Nothing better than a Sound bath to relax, get rid of stress, improve sleep, boost your immune system and find peace. Join me, bi-weekly on Sundays for an hour of group sound healing.

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Sound Bath: 02/04/23
Sound Bath: 02/04/23

Heure et lieu

02 avr. 2023, 19:00 – 20:00

London, Millers Way Project: Miller's Way, London W6 7NH, UK

À propos de l'événement

What's in the Stars? Moon is in Virgo: Healthy Lifestyle

The Virgo Moon makes us analytical and critical. We are productive and health-conscious. These days, work and the fulfillment of duties are in the foreground. Later in the day, the moon opposes Saturn which creates conflicts. It's not a good time to get advice from elders, or people in authority. You may feel melancholic. It's very important to get good sleep, good rest, fresh air, keep a clean environment around you, exercise and eat healthy. This sound bath will be dedicated to the things you do and the time you take to construct a healthy routine for yourself.

About Sound Baths

  • What’s a Sound bath: This is a 45mins to 1 hour immersion into sound which will bring you to a state of passive and effortless meditation and heal you at cellular level. During the experience, you will be lying down (on your yoga mat – don’t forget it). Let yourself drift into the sounds, be opened to what is happening (visions, comfort, discomfort, sleep, state of emptiness, bliss: whatever it might be, let it flow through you). At the end, we respect a 5/10 minutes silence (Shunya).  This is when the healing occurs, do not be in a hurry to get out of it.
  • How Does it work: you enter into an accoustic ocean sometimes called the “Healing field”: as the sounds overlap, your mind can no longer follow which induces a state of "passive meditative state" and leads to a feeling of levitation, timelessness and bliss, bringing your brainwaves to a Theta State (when the brainwaves get to a low 4 to 7hz -this is the best state for healing and learning). Meanwhile the physical vibrations are felt, and sound waves reach at cellular level, reorganising what needs to be, through the process of magnetic resonance. Feel free to talk to Eve about the scientific process behind the phenomena or check out how Sound works Magic
  • Arrive at least 5 minute before the start, as the door will be closed on start time
  • Dont forget: your yoga mat (we only have a few extras) and importantly, anything that will make you be confortable: socks, jumper, blanket, pillow, eye mask. A blanket and a mat are recommended as we only hold 12 of these. if the class is full then we can service everyone. Your comfort is essential to the session, as body temperature decreases when in that state of consciousness.
  • Contra-indications/disclaimer: unexpected effects and enhanced emotions are sometimes experienced. The idea is to let things be and not resist. People with Tinnitus can experience discomfort or aggravation of the condition but can also be healed with frequent and appropriate exposure. If you have a pacemaker or metal prosthetic or are pregnant under 3 months, this is not indicated. Please mention your condition before the start of the ceremony or get in touch with Eve
  • Snoring: if your neighbour fell asleep and his/her snoring is a bit of a disturbance, stay with it, I will shift the energy so that our snorer changes position. If you are the snorer, do not worry either, I might come around so that you can turn around. If you fall asleep, you are usually in need of a strong detox. Let yourself be, the vibrations are still doing their work
  • Respect the silence in the room. If you need to get up, or leave, please do so in silence. It is best to use the bathroom before the start so that you wont be disturbed during the session. The smallest noise can take people out of their meditative state, which we want to avoid.
  • Dress Code: comfortable loose clothing, trach suit, yoga pants, anything you feel good and comfy in.
  • Arrive 10 minutes before the start: get there slightly early to have time to settle down. Note that the sound bath starts on the clock, which means that the front door will be locked by then as I cant reach the front door to open once it's started.


  • General Admission

    20,00 £GB
    + 0,50 £GB de frais de service

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